To Be Frank...

NOTE: I am not accusing the current owners or staff of LiveJournal of anything. I do not know enough about them and their intentions to make those claims. I simply know that for certain officials in the Russian government, LiveJournal was a specific point of interest in a plen to shut down free press and free expression, and whatever the reasons behind them, the actions taken by the new ownership gave those officials exactly what they wanted. My point is simply that the free press and the rights of LGBTQ+ people are under attack all over the world, and we all need to use whatever little scraps of power and privilege we have to raise our voices, even if it is simply drawing a dumb comic about a goat and a sheep kissing.

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Guest Strip by Box Brown

Here's an guest strip by Box Brown! He's pretty internet famous, so you may have seen his work on Bellen! before, but just recently he started a new comic called AmeriCan't! And now you know the rest of the story.

And because LJ needs something else to talk about besides that thing that is happening in the USA today, a game.

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The Tag: Page 25

And thus concludes The Tag. Happy Halloween.

Well, now that The Tag is done, will there be another issue of Frank: The Comic? I don't know! There's an awesome guest comic coming up next week from Brian Brown, and if anyone else wants to do a guest strip or guest art you're more than welcome. New guest strips will appear when I get them and new strips from me will come when I feel like it.

If you must "defriend" the journal due to it's lack of an update schedule, feel free but then you'll never know when new comics are coming!

The Tag: Page 24

Cartoon Commune v.2.0 is here! Offering custom comics, children's books, illustrations, animation and music from a variety of amazing artists, like Kurt Wood, Nick Edwards, Phil McAndrew, James Harvey, Katie Cook, Chad Thomas, Will Kirkby, Bryan Chojnowski, Dave Rigley, Erik Goldsby, and Brian Stark! (oh, and me too)

I'm still adding artists to the about page, but the site is up and raring to go!

The Tag: Page 23

Wow, it's every character I've ever unceremoniously killed off in the course of the comic!
Okay, no one understands what is going on in the comic so here goes: The Tag was deleted. Therefore, he unpossesses the gang, and is pulled down to Hell by ghosts. It just so happens that these ghosts are Hare (who was killed off earlier in this story), Frank's brother Hank(who was killed off in Ballad), and the boss guy (who was killed off in Mystery). The reasons for this will be explained in the next strip.

The Tag: Page 22

The book for The Tag is now available in the store, just to make the collection complete. If I had gotten it done a while ago, I could have suggested that you could buy the ebook and find out how the story ends before anyone else, but since we're so close to the end anyway, I might as well just tell you the ending. Everybody dies. Of scurvy.

Also: It should be noted that while I'm happy to make fun of delete-happy wiki editors when a comic calls for it, and although I'm part of a community (webcomics) who have been very vocal about the unfairness of being deleted, and a victim of the same (the above quote about being just under the bar of notability was from my own wikipedia page's deletion process), I am actually on the side of the deleters.

While many may wikipedia editors may not be able to explain their intentions well, or even have the right intentions, I read an interview once that made sense. It said that like it or not, people all over the world use Wikipedia for school papers, so it had better be at LEAST as well researched as a school paper. And with most webcomics, there just aren't enough sources to compile a paper. In most cases, the only source of information is the webcomic site itself. When a webcomic doesn't get an article, that doesn't mean it isn't important, just that there aren't enough sources to write one yet. At least Frank: The Comic gets a Wikipedia mention!

The Tag: Page 20

Over on my main LJ, my other comic Aki Alliance is also updating twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday.

And I should also mention the Cartoon Commune, where you can order a custom comic book of your own. There's a big site overhaul coming soon, and I'm bringing on a whole bunch of great artists. We're even going to be offering custom animation and music. If you're interested in anything that isn't on the site yet, you can let me know!

The Tag: Page 19

Hey, remember Newbie?
So the whole book thing didn't work out as well as I'd envisioned. I figured that the right to make books was worth pushing for, since back in the day I was getting like 7 e-mails a day from people asking when they could buy books. I wasn't sure if that demand would continue, since I hadn't updated the comic in so long. But I was curious to find out! Well, the number of customers purchasing books.... one.