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The Tag: Page 22

The book for The Tag is now available in the store, just to make the collection complete. If I had gotten it done a while ago, I could have suggested that you could buy the ebook and find out how the story ends before anyone else, but since we're so close to the end anyway, I might as well just tell you the ending. Everybody dies. Of scurvy.

Also: It should be noted that while I'm happy to make fun of delete-happy wiki editors when a comic calls for it, and although I'm part of a community (webcomics) who have been very vocal about the unfairness of being deleted, and a victim of the same (the above quote about being just under the bar of notability was from my own wikipedia page's deletion process), I am actually on the side of the deleters.

While many may wikipedia editors may not be able to explain their intentions well, or even have the right intentions, I read an interview once that made sense. It said that like it or not, people all over the world use Wikipedia for school papers, so it had better be at LEAST as well researched as a school paper. And with most webcomics, there just aren't enough sources to compile a paper. In most cases, the only source of information is the webcomic site itself. When a webcomic doesn't get an article, that doesn't mean it isn't important, just that there aren't enough sources to write one yet. At least Frank: The Comic gets a Wikipedia mention!

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