The Tag: Page 18

And finally, Frank is back for the long awaited conclusion to "The Tag". The comic will be updating Wednesdays and Fridays until Halloween. I don't know what will happen after that.
If you want to catch up on the first 17 pages, you can read it all in one sitting here. Or, check the first comment for a concise explanation.

Surprise comic!

Hello everyone! Yes, The Tag is still set to resume in October, I just thought I would post a little bonus strip today to go along with some news.

As many of you know, the future of this comic has been up in the air for a while, because of LiveJournal being sold. I finally got word back from LiveJournal about the future of the comic. They said I'm free to continue as long as I don't refer to this as the official comic of LiveJournal anymore. It's a bit weird to be downgraded from the official cartoonist of LJ, but this gives me much more freedom.

The good news though, is that I can finally release books! Yes, I know they're expensive, such is the downside of print on demand when it comes to color books. But so many people asked, that I have obliged. Click the preview images to go to the bookstore:

Would you like a free copy? Here's a scavenger hunt: There are 70 comics by me premiering on the internet today (the above comic included). Whoever finds and lists the most of them in the comments wins the book of their choice!

The Tag: Page 17

Troll listens to Noosehead.

In about 24 hours, I'll be off and mostly incommunicado for the rest of the year as I road trip around India, and film episodes of my upcoming adventure show!

Everyone here who hasn't already done so, please send me mission ideas! More info here.

I'm gonna try my darnedest tomorrow morning to get 2 more Frank comics done and off to someone who can post them for me, but if not I apologize in advance if any updates are missed.

The Tag: Page 16

As of right now, none of the butler's 'sponsored links' seem to be real sites, but if some domain parking company buys them up after I post this, this comic does not imply an endorsement of them. Although if someone does buy a domain just because I mentioned it in a comic, I would know I've made it.

Could anyone name all of the website mascots that the butler had targeted for extermination along his back wall in last week's comic (that I recently uploaded an updated version of)? Or better yet, can anyone name any website mascots I forgot?

The Tag: Page 14

Thus concludes "I'm Sorry I didn't Update For a Month Guilt Week", regularly weekly updates will return on Thursday. Once I turn to comics full time next year, I hope to be able to update much more often and much more regularly.

The Tag: Page 13

Judging by some of the news comments I've read, some may consider those two options to be pretty much the same thing.
Look at lil' Fran, all growed up and cursed by evil demons. But wait, if you can only save one person, and Frank has been tagged twice.....